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Tottenham’s Richarlison fires back at Didi Hamann over ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ accusation: ‘Cry more’

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Tottenham’s big summer signing, Richarlison, is looking quite comfortable on the pitch with his new team. He also appears to be comfortable on social media. Spurs won at Nottingham Forest on Sunday to keep their fine start to the campaign going, and the Brazilian came off the bench to deliver a delightful assist to Harry Kane for the game’s second goal in the 81st minute. 

But also in the game, he was seen showing off his skill with some fancy touches that, strictly speaking, probably needed, but still were delightful to watch. He first lifted the ball up with a spiffy touch with his foot stationary before juggling three times and playing it backwards with the opposite foot. He received the ball soon after and was absolutely destroyed by the defender’s tackle.

Here’s how it looked:

Former German international Dietmar Hamann, who played for Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Manchester City among other clubs, was critical of Richarlison on social media.

“Nothing to do with showboating. Should have been booked for unsportsmanlike conduct and restarted with free kick to Forest,” Hamann wrote.

Richarlison, despite not being tagged in the tweet, still saw it and decided to respond directly.

“Cry more 😢,” Richarlison tweeted.

There’s nothing like a Twitter beef between a fine retired player and one of the best young talents in the Premier League. But who is right? If I’m Judge Joe Brown in this court, I’m not charging Richarlison with anything. A yellow card for “showing off” would be harsh. Tottenham were winning, he wasn’t getting pressed, and he decided to have a little fun. The challenge he suffered, as a result, is punishment enough for Richarlison. 

After all, it’s not like he went all Kaizer Chiefs on them.

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