Friday, August 19, 2022

Tyreek Hill challenges defenses to stop him, Jaylen Waddle in Dolphins offense: ‘They’re scared’

Tyreek Hill isn’t shy to challenge defenses, showcasing the confidence the great wide receivers have when facing the opposition. Not only will Hill be the top option on the Miami Dolphins, but he also has a dangerous No. 2 wideout on the same field in Jaylen Waddle

Hill is daring defenses to stop the dynamic duo, embracing the heat that’s coming his way. 

“Oh, they’re scared s—less,” Hill said with laughs when asked what defenses are thinking seeing the two of them line up. “I’m going to tell you what. ‘J. Dub’ (Waddle), he’s faster than I thought. When I first got here, I was like, okay he’s a 4.3 because typically when you see 4.3 guys, they don’t run as fast on a football field. But ‘J. Dub’ — like he actually runs a 4.3 on the football field. There’s a difference, right? 

“So like I said, I’m very excited for the season. I can’t wait to see him blossom and continue to move his game forward, which I know he will because he comes out here every single day and he works hard and he wants to get better.”

Hill was defending Waddle’s ability to make plays, but defenses have to be aware of the speed Waddle brings to the table. Waddle set the NFL rookie record with 104 receptions last season, finishing with 1,015 yards and six touchdowns (9.8 yards per catch). This was without Hill lining up in the same offense as him.

“He’s going to be the same guy each and every day on the field and off the field. He’s a high energy guy and he’s a great player,” Waddle said. “It’s fun to see him out here making plays, and then going into film, he’s going to talk. It’s pretty good.

“We’re like big bro, little bro kind of relationship between me and ‘Reek’ (Hill). He’s a real high energy guy — early in the morning, late when he’s tired, he’s going to be the same person. That’s always good.”

Hill is the veteran than can help Waddle emerge into one of the best deep-ball receivers in the game, leading the NFL in 20-yard, 30-yard, 40-yard, 50-yard, and 60-yard touchdowns since entering the league in 2016. Hill is also one of just four players in league history with 450 receptions (479), 6,500 receiving yards (6,630), and 55 receiving touchdowns (56) after his first six seasons. 

Together, Hill believes he and Waddle can be the next great dynamic duo in the league. 

“If we were cars — I’m going to give you the joking answer first — if we were cars and we were racing you would compare him to like, a 2003 Honda Civic and then I would be like a Maserati or something,” Hill said with laughs. “But realistically, if me and him are on the same side, same football field, teammates side by side, it’d be like a Lambo and a Ferrari.”

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