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NFL schedule release 2022: Los Angeles Chargers compare opponents to Pop Tart flavors on social media

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The Los Angeles Chargers social media team had some fun on Thursday in celebration of the official schedule release for the 2022 NFL season. Earlier in the day, their Twitter account shared their opponents and assigned them to Pop Tart flavors, something that could potentially become a tradition, as they did a similar thread last year. 

The first post was not anything too crazy. They showed the Arizona Cardinals as frosted strawberry mini crisps, which is a real flavor. But as they went down the list, the comparisons started getting funnier. 

The Houston Texas got BBQ Ribs, which might be a popular meal in Texas but is not an actual Pop Tart flavor. Speaking of fake flavors, the Miami Dolphins got an aquarium gravel version, which looked colorful but probably not edible. The social media team spared no details by also adding that these toaster pastries were “baked with real fish.”

The Chargers’ roommates at SoFi Stadium, the Los Angeles Rams got IKEA Bag flavor, which somehow is probably better than what the Kansas City Chiefs got: a Pop Tart with white frosting and a disturbing amount of ketchup. 

The schedule release was also quite creative. Instead of a normal video, the team decided to do an anime style trailer that included a lot of clever messages. One of them was a falcon crashing into a Waffle House sign that read “28% off 3 waffles or more.” This being a reference to Atlanta blowing a 28-3 lead against the New England Patriots during Super Bowl LI in 2017. 

The Chargers will face the Rams, the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints during preseason starting Aug. 13. They will officially kick off the year by hosting the Las Vegas Raiders on Sept. 11. 

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